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Current Conditions:

Last checked for updates: 7/5/2015

Current Conditions

Day-Use: Open
Surface: Open
Launch Ramp: Launch at your own risk
Campground: Open. Full hookups available at Cottonwood and South Marina; no hookups at Willow
Water Temp: 85 Degrees (Taken at the North Marina Boat Dock )
Water Level: North and South Marina boat ramps are closed due to low water. Launching is at own risk. Less than 50% full
                            North Marina: 5 feet deep at launch ramp
                            North Channel: 8 feet deep
                            Middle of lake: 10-15 feet deep
Fishing Conditions: Fishing has still been really good for boaters, shore fishing has slowed down a lot lately because the water temperature is getting up in the high 70’s.  Fish are looking for deeper water now.  Boaters are still having a lot of success with walleye and wipers.  I have had a couple reports of some boils being seen and fisherman really doing well on wipers  in those areas.  Walleye are hitting on rapalas and bottom bouncing and wipers are hitting on jigs, rapalas, worms and mussels.  Catfish are being caught here and there with some good sized one lately.  Water levels are steady but still low.  Use caution around the eastern shorelines of the lake that is where most of the rocks and sandbars are.  The north marina is 5 feet deep where you launch, 8 feet in the channel and the lake is 10 to 15 feet deep in the middle so plenty of water out there still.
Additional Fishing Info: Visit http://wildlife.utah.gov/hotspots for more information
  1. Place the fish on it’s side with the jaw closed
  2. Squeeze the tail fin together turn it so you can obtain the maximum overall length
  3. Measure a straight line from the tip of the snout to the extreme tip of the tail fin.
  • Crappie: 10
  • Wiper: 3
  • Channel Catfish: 8
  • Walleye: 6 One may be over 24″
  • Possession and use of commercially sold and preserved gizzard shad is allowed.  Otherwise, possession on gizzard shad, dead or alive is unlawful

 Ice Thickness: None
Road Conditions: Good
Other Information: 

  • Cold temperatures present hazards, prepare and plan accordingly. Wear your life jackets.
  • Both marinas have low water.  Stay in at the launch ramps and in the channel to avoid getting stuck.
  • We have two construction projects going on around the park.  The dike is being raised as well as power upgrades within the park.

Last Updated: June 30, 2015




Willard Bay Reservoir is located about 10 miles north of Ogden, with two off-ramps from I-15. It is not a big lake, by comparison to some of the other wiper waters in the country. This manmade shallow bowl is only 10,000 acres in size, but it has several clearly defined areas popular with wiper chasers. In several places around the lake there are underwater "trenches" gouged out by heavy equipment during the dredging and dike building process. These depressions sometimes provide enough extra depth to attract and hold more fish.

Willard Reservoir is a portion of the Great Salt Lake that was diked off and dewatered. It was then filled with water from the Weber River that would otherwise have flowed into the Great Salt Lake, and stored for irrigation and other uses as may be needed on the northern Wasatch Front.

Willard Bay is a very popular reservoir with both boaters and fishermen. The current state record Wiper, weighing in at 9 lbs. 12 oz., was caught at Willard Bay. Wiper - a hybrid between a white bass & a Striped Bass, are are known for being aggressive fighters, and are very popular with local Utah anglers.

The Northeast corner of the reservoir has traditionally been a good place to catch crappie. Most years the water is high enough to provide flooded stickups, where crappies prefer to spawn. However, in low water years, they have to settle on using some gravel and weed beds...and not much of that. When this happens, there is likely to be a poor spawn with low recruitment.

Wipers are caught all over the reservoir, with trolling being the most popular method to catch them. A popular place to troll is past 'the lightpole', the light pole that is out on the dike. See below for more fishing location tips.

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