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Vernon Reservoir

Vernon Reservoir
Vernon Reservoir (photo courtesy Jeffrey Steadman)


Note: Vernon was drained in late Sept. 2008 to repair clogged outtake systems on the dam. An emergency rule of no limit on trout was imposed during September so anglers could harvest as many of the fish as possible before it dried up. It should refill in 2009 and will be replanted.

Vernon Reservoir is a small lake in the west desert of Utah County. The lake is primarily used for irrigation water for area farmers, and can suffer large drawdowns in late summer especially during drought years. Vernon is stocked by the DWR with Rainbow Trout.

Fish Species:

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Fishing Tips:

Fishing is usually best very early in the morning or very late in the evening, when the water cools just a bit, and the bright sun is off the water. Vernon doesn't have much cover for fish to hide in, so they tend to be a bit shy in the middle of the day during the summer months.