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Starvation Reservoir

Starvation Reservoir
Launching float tubes at Starvation Reservoir
Starvation Reservoir Map


Current Conditions:

Last checked for updates: 4/15/2015

Launch Ramp: 
Partially Open
High Temp: 
Low Temp: 
Water Temp: 
49 degrees
Water Level: 
100% full
Fishing Conditions: 
Fishing has been good for trout and walleye and slow for other species
Additional Fishing Info: 

The boat ramp is open and the wedge dock is in.

Boat docks will go in April 15th.



Ice Thickness: 
No ice!

The boat ramp is open and the wedge dock is in. 

Mountain View Campground is now open and is $25 per night.

 Beach Campgrounds is closed.  However, you can still camp for $18 per night with electricity only, as all facilities are closed.

The fish cleaning station is closed.

The dump station will remain open through the winter.

The cabins can still be reserved throughout the winter.

Starvation Reservoir is a large Bureau of Reclamation Reservoir of the Strawberry River in the Uinta Basin. The shoreline used to be 100% publicly owned, but some land has been sold to private entities in recent years.

Yellow Perch were recently introduced to Starvation Reservoir, and it has now become popular with some Utah anglers that love to target the smaller but tasty relatives of the Walleye.

Fish Species:

Current Regulations:

Fishing Tips:

Starvation Reservoir State Park