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Palisade Reservoir is located in Southcentral Utah. Palisades Reservoir should be good fishing for mostly recently planted rainbows with an occasional larger trout. The state record tiger trout was caught here last year. Nine-mile reservoir is close by, and if you want to go exploring you can always drive up Fairview Canyon and fish Huntington, Fairview, Electric Lake, Cleveland and several other bodies of water.

Current Conditions:

Last checked for updates: 10/9/2015

Current Conditions

Day-Use: Open
Surface: Open
Launch Ramp: Open
Campground: Open
Water Level: 30% Full.
Water Temperature: 73°
Fishing Conditions: Good to great – utahfishinginfo.com/dwr/fishingreports.php
Road Conditions: All Roads Open
Last Updated: 9/27/2015

The boat ramp is open but with the low water it is getting harder to get boats on the water.  Our Day Use areas are open along with the all of our restroom.  The water pretty low right now and keeps dropping.  We will not be moving our docks anymore this year as the ramp is at the mud and it makes it hard to move the docks.

All of our campgrounds and sites are open along with our cabins. We have taken down our new cabin tents for the season but will be putting them back up next spring.  We have taken our paddleboats and canoes out of the water because of the low water.  We are still renting our 10 fire pits and we still have fire wood to purchase.

We are not doing our 5K races anymore this year but may be doing them next year so start train to get ready for next year!

If you have any questions for the campground call 435-835-7275. To make a reservation either click on the reservation link on our parks website or call 1-800-322-3770.

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Current Regulations:

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