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Spring is a Great Time to Catch Hungry Trout

Several southern Utah lakes have open water

Cedar City -- Spring is an excellent time to fish for trout in southern Utah.

As the water warms in the spring, fish become more active. They'll often go on a "feeding binge" of sorts, trying to make up for a lack of food during the winter months.

Several lakes in south-central and southwestern Utah are ready for spring fishing. Minersville, Newcastle, Piute, Otter Creek and Enterprise reservoirs all have open water and are great places to fish in the spring. Lakes at higher elevations, however, will stay iced over for a few more weeks.

The best ice-off fishing happens in the shallow parts of a lake, where the water tends to be warmest. Richard Hepworth, regional aquatic manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says shore anglers often make the mistake of casting their bait or lure too far out.

"Look for fish to be active near shore, especially near rocky areas or areas that have a gravel bottom," Hepworth says. "Rocky points are often excellent areas to fish."

Weekly fishing reports for southern Utah are available at www.wildlife.utah.gov/hotspots. You can also receive the free reports via email by subscribing to them at www.wildlife.utah.gov/e-lists/subscribe.php.

Two additional websites—www.bigfishtackle.com and www.utahwildlife.net—also provide up-to-date fishing information.

If you have questions about fishing in south-central or southwestern Utah, call the DWR office in Cedar City at 435-865-6100.