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A New Approach at Hobbs Reservoir

Experimental regulations may produce trophy fish in the next few years. Beginning in 2012, you can fish at Hobbs Reservoir, a new, experimental fishery in Layton. How is Hobbs Reservoir different? Although it looks like many of Utah's community fisheries, Hobbs has different rules and opportunities.

The Division is launching an experiment at Hobbs, attempting to create a trophy fishery in a community setting. To achieve this goal, the rules are strict:

If you're an angler who prefers to use bait or has a hard time releasing fish, you might want to try Adams Reservoir, a traditional community fishery that's also opening in Layton in 2012. For more information on Adams Reservoir, visit wildlife.utah.gov/cf. Why try this approach? Two factors influenced the decision to try something new at Hobbs:

  1. The public has asked the Division to provide more trophy fishing opportunities
  2. The new regulations will likely allow fish to be caught more than once, which should reduce stocking costs.

Fisheries biologists are excited to see how this approach works. Hopefully, anglers will catch the excitement. It may take a couple of years for the fish in Hobbs to reach trophy size, but as soon as they do, anglers will be able to catch some huge fish close to home.

Courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources