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Utah State Fishing Records (Catch & Release)

Species Date Length Angler Location Photo
Quail Lake Dennis Miller with record-sized <a href='../utahfish/largemouthbass.php'>Bass, Largemouth</a> at <a href='../utahlakes/quailcreek.php'>Quail Lake</a>
Bass, Smallmouth
Lake Powell Heather Litke with record-sized <a href='../utahfish/stripedbass.php'>Bass, Striped</a> at <a href='http://www.utahfishinginfo.com/utahlakes/lakepowell.php'>Lake Powell</a>
Tim Duke with record-sized CRAPPIE, White at Sevier River
Pike, Northern Lake Powell
Matt Smiley with record-sized <a href='../utahfish/laketrout.php'>Trout, Lake</a> at <a href='../utahlakes/flaminggorge.php'>Flaming Gorge</a> Reservoir
Trout, Tiger Scofield Reservoir
Whitefish, Mountain

Last checked for updates on 5/1/2020

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