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2012 General Statewide Bag & Posession Limits

The following general bag and possession limits apply statewide, except as provided in the Rules for Specific Waters section of the fishing guide:

General Possession Limits for Utah Game Fish Species

Fish Species Bag & Posession Limit
Bluegill & Green Sunfish* (combined total) 50 fish
Bonneville Cisco 30 fish
Brook Trout bonus limit on specific waters See current fishing guide
Bullhead Catfish 24 fish
Burbot No limit (All Burbot must be kept and immediately killed.)
Channel Catfish* 8 fish
Crappie* 50 fish
Crayfish (Crawdads) No limit
Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass (combined total)* 6 fish
Nongame Species (Except prohibited species. See current proclamation.) No limit
Northern Pike* 6 fish
Tiger Muskellunge* (hybrid) 1 fish over 40 inches
Sacramento Perch 10 fish
Striped Bass No limit
Trout,Salmon, & Grayling (including hybrids, as a combined total, except no more than 2 can be Lake Trout, also you can take extra brook trout at some waters) 4 fish
Walleye* 10 fish (only 1 over 24 inches
Whitefish* 10 fish
White Bass No limit
Wiper* (hybrid white bass x striped bass) 6 fish
Yellow Perch* 50 fish

*On some waters, specific bag or size restrictions apply. Please see the Rules for Specific Waters section of the Fishing Guide.

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